Short Stories

Read “Bone Hinge” at The Atlantic.

“Misunderstandings” at

“The Kissing Booth” at Vestal Review.

“Drama Kids” at Agni online.

The Complete List of Stories

“Bone Hinge,” The Atlantic, May 2010

Best American Fantasy, vol. 3

“The Envelope,”
North American Review, Sept. 2008

“Serials,” American Short Fiction, Summer/Fall 2008

“Misunderstandings,”, 2008

“The Plan,”
Subtropics, Fall/Winter 2007

“The Kissing Booth,”
Vestal Review, Summer 2007

“Drama Kids,”
Agni online, Aug. 2007

“Another Word for Dead,”
Prairie Schooner, Spring 2007

“The Yellow-Tag Dog,”
The Indiana Review, Spring 2006

“Worthy Stories,”
The Austin Chronicle online, Feb. 2005